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Living Room

Living Area

Surface dusting 

Furniture Dusting

Items on surface dusting

Doors and door frames dusted

 Reachable Pictures frames dusted

Light fixtures dusted

Window frames, Window ledges

Stairs vacuumed

Hard floors swept and mopped

Trash taken out

Blankets folded

Dog or cat area cleaned and vacuumed

Luxury Bedroom with Hardwood Floors

Bedroom Area

Surface dusting

Furniture dusting

Items on surface gets dusted

Bed get made and if a fresh set of linens are left out, the crew can change the bed

Cobwebs removed

Doors and window frames dusted

Empty closet floors vacuumed

Floors vacuumed 

hard floors swept and mopped

Trash taken out

Image by Jason Briscoe

Kitchen/Dining Area

All surfaces gets wiped down and dusted

Front of cabinets gets cleaned

Exterior of appliances get wiped down and shined

Microwave get cleaned inside and out

Window frames and window ledges dusted

Doors and door frames dusted

Floors vacuumed and mopped 

Trash taken out

Sink cleaned and metal shined

Image by Aaron Huber


Dust for cobwebs

Clean the tub and Tile

Shine all metal

Clean the toilet inside and out

Clean the sink and vanity

Wipe down the outside of the cabinets

Dust the Door and window frames

Take out the trash

Sweep vacuum and mop the floors

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