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About Us

 Quality Cleaning Services

Serving the Greater Cleveland Area Since 2016


Our company is a owner-operated small business that my husband and I started in November of 2016. After working for a cleaning company, myself, I realized that most homes do not get the quality work that they pay for and most home owner are to kind to express how they truly feel about the job done. I understand that the industry that we are in has its limitations but from my point of view, there should not be a limit on  great quality customer service.

With each Clean, we vow that when we take on a client, we try our best to make sure they are happy and satisfied each time we leave their home and if we do happen to fall  short of that we always do our best to make sure we fix it. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. 

 We also understand everyone needs affordable help in their busy lives and we are here to help you. We offer Eco-friendly chemicals, weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly and even customized cleaning  to fit your need. Very competitive pricing and most importantly excellent customer service. Hands down, the best part of this business is the new friends that we make. They go from being clients to being friends that we happen to do business with. Knowing that after we finish our job they come home to a nice, clean home. They can just kick back and unwind from their busy day.

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